80s Rhythm joins West Sussex Digital Radio bid

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80s Rhythm, and our sister station Passion Radio, are excited to form a consortium with other West Sussex broadcasters and individuals to bid for a new digital local radio licence for West Sussex.

Whilst 80s Rhythm is already a familiar name in West Sussex, this new licence would allow us to improve our coverage in Chichester, Bognor and Worthing whilst also expanding into Arundel, Littlehampton, Petworth, Midhurst and surrounding areas.

If successful, the new licence will also bring additional radio services to the area for the first time, for example our colleagues at the non-profit local station Radio Worthing and charity broadcaster Chichester Hospital Radio – we’re proud to invest in and help facilitate a platform that gives a chance for stations like these to be part of the West Sussex Airwaves.

We’re excited to be part of such a strong bid, and the only bid formed of individuals and businesses based within West Sussex and with knowledge and experience of the county.

To find out more and to support our bid, you can visit https://westsussex.digital

1 thought on “80s Rhythm joins West Sussex Digital Radio bid”

  • That’s great news 80s Rhythm is my go to station everyday even though I am in Bognor Regis but not everyone can receive it. With a new multiplex covering the area between Brighton and Portsmouth would mean you have the whole of West Sussex and parts of Hampshire covered which is going to substantially increase your potentisl listening audience. There are many 80s stations but they don’t present it in the dynamic and appealing way that you do. It’s true it’s not what you play it’s the way that you play. The only thing that would make it even more appealing is a DJ every now and again. You have one in the morning but drive time would be good too. All power to the station and the people that run it and to the dynamic American style presentation which gives the station so much appeal.
    Kind Regards

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