5 items from the 80s that have all but disappeared


In the early 80s video recorders were a mystery box only seen in TV shop windows and school libraries, with kids expected to shuffle in, sit cross legged and watch You and Me from the TV in a cupboard! By the mid 80s we started to see more and more VHS recorders in the home, and rental shops like Blockbuster started to prove popular, allowing us access to some of the best films, and a few ropey ones too! Towards the end of the 80s we were all fighting our way into the cellophane wrapping of a new tape and trying to fiddle around with videoplus before Eastenders started.


In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by alerts and information from small devices in our pocket, it seems odd that in the 80s we were only really bothered by the occasional ringing of the home phone. But that was to change with the advent of the pager. Short messages or number sequences could be sent over the airwaves, but there was no way of replying other than finding the nearest phone box.


If your shoulders don’t form a square, you’re not doing the 80s right. But wait, is this a comeback I spy? Are sharp corners about to return? Will we need to carry “wide load” signs for our upper torsos? We’ve relaunched the 80s in the form of a radio station, so why not bring back the fashion too!


I recently read about the excitement a kid demonstrated when, rummaging through his dad’s stuff, he found a floppy disk. “Wow, someone 3D printed the save icon” he said! I wonder how many readers, like me, were so paranoid about losing data that they had “Main”, “Backup 1”, and “Backup 2” discs of their project work?


Let’s be honest, there are some things we look back on and think…. why? But the Mullet was such a big part of 80s culture we cannot just sweep it under the carpet, like the hairdresser would have done when you realised how daft the mullet looked and had it all cut off. Should the mullet be confined to 80s history, never to be seen again, or should it make a comeback? Would you be brave enough to sport a mullet in public? Let us know!

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